Daisy chain LED strip with aluminium profile casing, 12 volts
Aluminium profile outer casing for better angle on light distribution

Each set comes with a power supply unit that could support 1 LED strip light

Separate purchase:
Use Large Power Supply 10A to supports up to 3 DF120/MAX140 displays or 4 DF60/DF130/MAX70/MAX150 displays
(require 3-way power connector for stack on displays)

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Daisy chain 5630 LED strip, 12 volts

Each strip ends comes with male and female connector

Colour:     Painted Black

Material:    Aluminium

Light diffuser: ABS

Dimensions for LED strips:

SIXTH55/ SIXTH98/ DF60/DF130 – 1 unit of L500 mm

SIXTH110/ DF120 – 2 units of L500mm

SIXTH165 – 2 units of L700mm

MAX70/MAX150 – 1 unit of L600mm

MAX140 – 2 units of L600mm


Power supply Included

Socket type: 2 pin plug

Output: 12 volts, 2A. (Support only 1 set of LED striplight)

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

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